domenica 14 agosto 2016

Torture Garden

Here's some of my work done for the Barbara Baraldi's Torture Garden serie, a thriller horror comic freely inspired by a true story. Cassandra and Davis are hunted down by a murderess and must find out who is he and why want blood.
"To bury the past, you must first be able to kill him."
Welcome to the Torture Garden.

Paranoid Boyd Edizioni inkiostro comic written by Andrea Cavaletto

 Paranoid Boyd is an horror story written by Andrea Cavaletto and edited by Edizioni inkiostro. Here's my variant cover for the fourth number, and two pin-up.

Italian Role player game fantasy preview.

Preview of three monters for a new italian roleplayer game. Soon I'll post it completly.
Digital paint.

Force of Will cardgame. Here's two playmat done for the italian champion and the world champion.

 The two illustrations are based on the FOW cards: Mephistopheles, the Abyssal Tyrant and Ruler's Memoria.
Digital paint.

Characters for the Gameboard named DOJO KUN created by YEMAIA and distributed by ASMODEE

 Here's the fighters of Dojo Kun, a clash of mighty heroes likeably stolen from the 80's famous games and cult films.
We have the first: Sensei Bear, the cat Mask (tiger mask), KarateKid,, Kenshiro, SubZero, Ryu,  Zangief, Steven Seagal and a pencil of the Bear. The characters are freely inspired and taken from the trademarks: Mortal Kombat, Street Fighters, comics and films.
China and digital colour.